Visiting Angels Awarded "Best of Homecare"  7 years in a row!!!

About Us

Our humble beginnings


Mark Wang, an Oregonian since 1996, opened the Visiting Angels® of Willamette Valley Homecare Agency located here in Albany in 2004 to serve seniors in the beautiful mid-Willamette Valley area. With aging parents of his own, Mark wanted to provide an in-home service that would give families a different option to consider for their loved ones, instead moving from their family home.


“There’s no place like home!” is a familiar and heartwarming sentiment. Home is where many people prefer to live; it often holds fond memories of family, neighbors, friends and a sense of belonging. And remaining in the home is where Visiting Angels can be of service for your loved one.


The Visiting Angels® of Willamette Valley office is part of a nationwide franchised network of Visiting Angels® offices with multiple locations across North America and internationally. Each office is independently owned and operated.


Our Mission


Visiting Angels is dedicated to providing seniors with the highest quality of care, treating each individual with respect and compassion, enabling our care recipients to remain safe and independent in their own homes


Our Values


• To provide exceptional services with honesty, integrity, dedication and professionalism.

• To be fair, understanding, compassionate and respectful of all.

• To be a good corporate citizen in our community that our employees, clients, and partners can be proud to be associated with.


Our Outstanding Visiting Angels Team


Contact any members of our office team at: (541) 928-2061 or (503) 375-2061


Daniel  – Case Manager

Daniel joined our team in 2008. Though he is from England (not Australia), Daniel came to Oregon and earned his degree from Western Oregon University. Daniel handles all aspects of the care management and scheduling of our caregivers for each client. When an issue or question arises regarding the care services we provide or the schedule for our caregivers, Daniel is the one that works to find the best solution for everyone involved. Fun fact: Daniel is also a big movie buff and enjoys playing guitar :-)

Jacquelyn  – Human Resources Manager 

Jacquelyn joined our team in 2019. Jacquelyn has worked with seniors in many capacities and attended Portland State University. She is responsible for the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orienting and training of our wonderful caregivers. If you love our caregivers and the care they provide, it's because they've met Jacquelyn's high standards and thorough interviews as part of bringing them on board. Fun fact: Jacquelyn and her husband love (and own) classic cars and car shows :-)

Michel  – Registered Nurse

Michel joined our team in 2020. Michel has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and received her degree from Western Oregon University. Michel is one of our two RNs who oversee our medication administration program here at Visiting Angels. In addition, Michel conducts intake assessments, introduction meetings, supervisory visits and medication supervisory visits. If it has anything to do with medications, Michel is right on it. Fun fact: Michel and her husband own and operate a blueberry farm :-)

Deborah  – Registered Nurse

Deborah joined our team in 2020. Deborah has been a registered nurse for over 16 years and worked with seniors in a variety of settings. She received her degree from Indiana State University. Deborah is one of our two RNs who oversee our medication administration program here at Visiting Angels. Deborah also conducts intake assessments, introduction meetings, supervisory visits and medication supervisory visits. Fun fact: Deborah is also a barista at Starbucks and her husband is in a rock & roll band :-)

Elizabeth  – Care Coordinator

Elizabeth joined our team in 2021. Liz has worked with seniors and youth in various capacities in her career. Liz attended Kaplan University. Here at Visiting Angels, she conducts intake assessments, introduction meetings and supervisory visits. In addition, she puts together our wonderful monthly newsletters. Fun fact: Liz loves art, crafting, photography, D&D, sci-fi (ie Star Wars) and is an archery instructor :-)

Jessica  –Office Administrator

Jessica has been involved with Visiting Angels since 2012. Prior to Visiting Angels, Jessica had been a caregiver for many years in a variety of settings. Jessica attended North Dakota State University. Jessica provides general customer service, handles payroll, invoicing/billing and overall office management. Fun fact: Jessica loves crafting, her Cricut, binge-watching The Office and spending time with her kids/family :-)

Mark  – Administrator/Owner

Mark opened the Albany Visiting Angels location in 2004. Prior to Visiting Angels, he held various management positions, including serving in the US Navy. Mark earned his degree from Marquette University. He works closely with the wonderful, talented members of our office staff, to ensure that Visiting Angels is providing the very best care possible for our clients, their families and our wonderful caregivers. Fun fact: Mark likes fishing, gardening and once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane...and lived to tell about it :-)


In addition, we are blessed to have many caring, compassionate and quite simply awesome Angel Caregivers (who are the real heroes)!!